Carving out a community

To be successful in modern America, you have to carve out a community one way or another. “Carve out” is a fitting verb–as in cutting into an already existing pie and draw what you can from it. The community support which normally would have been taken for granted is no longer there.

The future of America is likely to be dominated by niche ethnic groups, the kind that Amy Chua writes about in The Triple Package. They’ll be able to carve out a good life in the best cities, go to the best universities, and maintain the best jobs. It’ll be a manicured, closed life, though–think business parks and gated communities.

In a lot of ways they’ve already taken over and begun running the country, but the Anglo ethos still mostly remains. Don’t think that it necessarily must though.

While immigration critics often worry about immigration bringing down standards, we rarely mention the affect that many high-quality immigrant groups probably have as well. Unless inculcated into American life, they’re likely to change it forever–especially since they hold all the cards. Let’s hope they’re as nice to us as we were to them.


Leftism as a revolt against nature

Despite the Left’s interest in the environmental and organic food movements, one thing that strikes me about the Left is its anti-natural stances.

Take gender roles. Gender roles roles are perfectly natural, humane, and sensible. Gender inequality is perhaps an outgrowth of gender roles, but each gender is unequal in its own way. I believe, moreover, that humans are happier with there being attainable role models.

Also, we mustn’t fool ourselves about the rigidity of pre-modern societies. Gender roles were enforced through shame and bullying at times, but by and large there was a fair amount of leeway when you really look into things. Anyway, a flexible model is far superior to no model, especially when you consider your average human.

Related to gender is the family. What’s more natural than the family? Why does the left, with all its emphasis on naturalness, always attempt to undermine the standard, two-parent family?

Then there’s race and tribe. Races and tribes have their downsides. Nobody wants to live in too tribal a world. On the other hand, you can only ignore humans’ natural preference for their own kind at your own risk. When America was mostly black and white, America’s two main tribes saw a lot more of each other, had a lot more in common, and even started to integrate into something of a society. What progress was made was quickly lost after mass immigration and the welfare state were accelerated. Since then, we have not gotten less tribal; rather, we’ve gotten more so.

Yet we continue to ignore race at our peril. And, just like gender, the family, and other natural things, we deny its very existence.

Leftism strikes me as largely a revolt against all natural systems in preference for “rationalized” or “idealized” systems; hence, leftism is against life, against the world, a proud rejection of the clear and simple human way to human happiness in favor of realizing idealized dreams.